IL Raffini Fragrance Oil Black

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A refill pack of fragrance oil for the IL Raffini diffuser in black. Can be used in other diffuser bottle as you like.

Size: W 48 x D 48 x H 165 mm Volume: 230 ml

Material: Solvent, fragrance

care instructions

Do not contain alcohol content .

It is not food or drink. Please pay attention to misdrinking etc. In case of swallowing, consult a doctor immediately and bring this product with you for a more appropriate treatment.

Please use and keep it away from children and pets.

Please avoid using other than regular application.

Depending on the use and storage conditions, there may be irritations or sediments in the liquid. Discoloration may also occur rarely, but there is no problem with the product quality.

Due to the risk of damaging furniture etc, please wipe off immediately if liquid spills.