EAU DE LOIRE Candle Green Tea & Magnolia

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Master Recipe
Size: W78 × D78 × H80mm
Material: Veg wax 50%, paraffin 50%, synthetic fragrance
Container: Ceramic / Unglazed
Lid: ABS
Care Instruction
■ Do not use near flammable materials or in places where it can easily fall over.  It may cause a fire.  
■ Please use out of reach of children and pets.  
■ Please note that wax may remain on fire due to the characteristics of the product.  
■ Soot may stick to the glass.  please note that.  
■ Plastic lids may melt, so use them after extinguishing the heat and cooling down.  
■ The color of the lid is dark and may transfer to the main body.  Please be forewarned.  
■ Combustion time: about 30 hours * Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.