EAU DE LOIRE Fragrance Green Tea & Magnolia

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Master Recipe A fragrance diffuser which the incense ingredients are selected from around the world. Refined with alcohol-free recipe, the fragrance flavor gently spreads out through the reeds and fill up your room and brings you the taste of France. You may also adjust the number of reeds to control the density of scent.

TOP: Bergamot / Green Tea / Citrus

MIDDLE: Magnolia / Rose / Jasmine

LAST: Cedar / Gyac / Musk

The name Eau De Loire is inspired by the Loire river flowing east to west of this Loire region of France. Manufactured in the town of Grasse by a long-established fragrance manufacturer with over 100 years located in the southwestern part of the Loire region. It is a beautiful area which is rich in nature, scattered with pretty old castles like fairy tales.


Size: W117 x D117 x H235mm

Material: glass, plastic, black coloration on reeds, synthetic fragrance 

care instructions

This item is not a food or drink.Please be careful of misdrinking.

In case of swallowing, consult a doctor immediately.

Please use and keep it away from children and pets.

There is a risk of damaging the furniture, wall and etc. Please place coaster and tray under when use.

If liquid is spilled from the stick, wipe it off immediately.Please use it away from the wall.

Made in France