ANIMAL Plate Bird

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A plate with a lovely golden bird. Adorable embossed animal footprints stand out when colored sauce like caramel sauce is poured onto the plate. Elevate your dining room for fancy dinners. A delightful present for animal-lovers.
Size: W139 × D139 × H25mm Package: W143 × D143 × H58mm
Material: New Bone China
Care Instruction
● Microwave oven: Not allowed
● Oven: Not allowed
● Dishwasher: Not allowed
■ Because it has gold processing, use of microwave oven, dishwasher, metal scrubber, cleanser, bleach Please avoid.  There is a risk of breakage or peeling.  
■ Do not immerse after use. Use neutral detergent and hand wash with a sponge.  
■ Gold processing may peel off depending on usage.  If the process is peeled off, be careful not to swallow it.  
■ Country of origin: China