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This is a coaster with a gorgeous design that shines with glass tiles.
Recommended as a room fragrance coaster.
Size: W100 × D100mm
Material: Front side Glass Back side MDF
Care Instruction
■ Because it is handmade, the color pattern, size, shape, etc. are different one by one.  Please note that the texture of the product.  
■ It may be discolored by direct sunlight or light for a long time, or may change color due to the passage of time or liquid.  
■ Color will fade due to friction.  
■ This product cannot be washed with water.  
■ If it gets dirty, wipe it lightly with a tightly wrung cloth.  
■ Do not use solvents (thinner, benzine, etc. ).  
■ If it gets wet due to condensation, immediately wipe it dry.  
■ If a strong impact is applied, it may be damaged.