Our story

The story starts in 1990 with the creation of the company Bals Corporation in Japan by the founder and current president Mr. Fumio Takashima.

Francfranc is a 30 years old brand name. Experience and innovation, always.

With more than 2,000 employees, Francfranc Corporation is a well-known retailer in Japan with more than 135 stores.


BALS CORPORATION establishment. The initial goal was to import to Japan high end design furniture and decorative objects from Italy and France.


The brand Francfranc is registered, a milestone to a wonderful journey. Imagined by Fumio Takashima and designers of Bals Corporation, Francfranc purpose was to create trendy, feminine and elegant items. 

Within the same year, the first store opened in Higashi-Shinagawa, Tokyo.

It was the first time in Japan that a brand was offering under the same roof furniture and decorative objects as a whole.


The company is listed in the JASDAQ, secondary monetary market in Japan..

Bals Hong Kong limited is established in Hong Kong with a clear target: lead the international operations.


Ouverture du premier magasin Francfranc à l’international : Causeway bay, Hong Kong.


Creation of the holding BALS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.


Seven & i Holdings Co., Limited joins BALS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and acquires 30% of the total shares.

Seven & i Holdings Co., Limited is the fifth biggest world retailer with more than 54,000 convenient stores in 50 countries.


Bals Corporation name changes to Francfranc Corporation.

Francfranc being a major brand of the company, the founder Fumio Takashima wanted the company name to reflect the last 25 years of success.

Today, Francfranc Corporation is present in Japan (134 stores), in Hong Kong (6 stores) and in France.

As an omnichannel retailer, we also sell our products online through francfranc.com (Japan only) and francfranc.net (worldwide).


Corporate information

Francfranc Corporation is registered in Japan, Tokyo with a capital of 1,000,000 US$ (depending the valudation of USD/YEN).

Francfranc Hong Kong Limited and Bals International Limited are both registered in Hong Kong.

Board of Directors

Fumio Takashima - Representative Director
Kazuyuki Sano - Representative Director
Shinichi Murao - Director
Seiichi Mizuno - Director (audit and supervisory committee member)
Yasunori Ito - Director (audit and supervisory committee member)
Seiichiro Yonekura - Director (audit and supervisory committee member)
Takashi Imamura - Director (audit and supervisory committee member)

Board of Executive Officers

Fumio Takashima - President and CEO
Kazuyuki Sano - Vice President
Kenji Okamoto - Executive Officer
Goro Okada - Executive Officer
Kazunori Kuwata - Executive Officer
Kenta Kumagai - Executive Officer