BELLE Cutlery 8P Set Marble White

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"Belle" is a French word means Beautiful. This cutlery set includes knife, fork, spoon, and tea spoon. Matte finishes giving a sense of beauty and luxury.
Size: Package: W74 x D74 x H235mm
-Knife: H220mm x 2-Fork: H198mm x 2
-Spoon: H195mm x 2
-Teaspoon: H153mm x 2

Material: 18-0 stainless steel, polystyrene
Care Instruction
● Microwave oven: Not allowed
● Oven: Not allowed
● Dishwasher: Not allowed
● Boil disinfection: Not allowed
■ There is a gap between the metal part and the handle due to the structure.  After washing, drain the water with the handle up.  
■ If it is immersed, water will enter the handle and cause rusting.  
■ Country of origin: China