Caterina Sachet Blue

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Inspired by wedding dress and evening dress, this room sachet is decorated with lovely ribbon accessory. Perfectly suited as wedding gift. The neutral scent will be great for creating a soothing environment for your room. Applicable to places like car and cabinet. NECTAROUS LEMON

Size: W60 × D10 × H80mm

Material: plaster

care instructions

The duration of the scent is about one month. Generally, the temperature of the room (room temperature) is high, and the humidity of the room is low, the more fragrant spreads more easily. Therefore, the duration may change depending on the place to use and the season. This product is to enjoy the smell. Please avoid using other than the original purpose. The components of the scent may discolor and deteriorate the adhesive surface (especially cloth, resin, and painted surface). Please do not touch furniture or clothes for a long time. High temperature, please use away from direct sunlight, please keep. Due to the nature of the material, it is easy to break, so please handle with care.