CROCHET Dispenser Clear

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A classy liquid dispenser for shampoo or body wash. Round lace pattern on the bottle catches girls' eye. The concave bottom can help to reduce waste. * The cover can be opened for easy refill.
Size: W80 × D80 × H230mm Capacity: Approximately 500ml
Material: Body: AS resin, Lid: Acrylic resin, Pump: ABS (Chrome plating) / Pipe: Polyethylene
Care Instruction
■ Do not place near fire.  
■ Please read the precautions when using soap before using it.  Medicinal soaps may rarely change color.  Please note that if you use kitchen detergent or soap with low viscosity, the liquid may leak.  
■ Do not put hot water or other solvents (alcohols, thinners, benzene, etc. ).  There is a risk of cracking and discoloration.  In particular, please note that it may be deformed or discolored when touching citrus oil.  
■ Please bring a foundation when carrying.  
■ Heat-resistant temperature: 60 ºC