Diatom Earth Multi Stand A White

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A lovely multi-purpose stand made of diatomaceous earth. It can absorb water quickly. Ideal for keeping toothbrush, pens or other stick items clean and tidy. The alphabet and floral print makes it simple yet elegant. Collect a few of them and use it with your family. Great for bringing a refreshing atmosphere to your bathroom.

Size: W40 × D40 × H30mm

Material: Diatomaceous earth

care instructions

Please wipe with a damp towel before use. Please refrain from using for purposes other than the original purpose. When not using it, keep it dry before storing it as it may cause cracking. Please note that installing on a fragile object may cause damage. Do not use detergent with surfactant when washing the product. Because natural minerals are used, as a natural color, irregular colors and differences in shape, slight powder, and moisture of moisture may appear on the surface, but they occur naturally. There is no problem with product quality. Diatomaceous earth is very fragile and should be handled with care. If it becomes dirty with colored liquid or toothpaste, rinse with running water as soon as possible, and hold it from above with a dry cloth. Please do not soak in water as it may cause cracking or chipping. After use, drain the water, please dry well in a well-ventilated shade. If left wet for a long time, the accumulated water may cause damage or cause adhesion of dust or mold. In the case of plastic wash basins, there is a possibility of color transfer depending on the use situation, so please be careful enough.