Embroidered Satin Pajama Light Gray

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A pajama with delicate floral embroidery. Simple yet elegant. It adopts a fine satin fabric, giving a soft and comfortable feeling to you. Perfect for enjoying the relaxing time at home. Also a good choice for gift with indoor slippers.

Size: Tops: Bust 79 to 94 cm, Height 154 to 162 cm (M to L), Shoulder width: 44 cm (with rubber)
Pants: Waist 64 to 70 cm (M), Inseam: 37 cm in size / Elongated 53 cm p>

Material: Polyester, rayon

care instructions

Washable (40 ° C use wash net ) Please wash separately when washing. It shrinks a little by washing with water. Due to the characteristics of the material, please keep in mind that it will cause discoloration and deterioration of the fabric if illuminated by direct sunlight or light for a long time. Dark colored products may cause color transfer due to friction and washing. In particular, please pay attention to the friction in the wet state. This material uses delicate material. Please be aware that excessive force may cause tears or disfigurement of the fabric, and may cause seam opening. Avoid using softeners as it may cause tears in the fabric. Please avoid tumble drying. Please put in shape and shade. Please avoid ironing the embroidery part. Since the embroidered part is easy to catch, please be careful about the handling.