ERUN Eco Bag Butterfly

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An eco bag with fancy floral print. The long handles and big volume makes it a perfect bag for shopping or work. Can be folded and put in the pocket inside. Convenient and space saving. Also a wonderful gift idea.
Size: W420 × H460mm Handle length: Approximately 700mm
Material: Polyester (inkjet print)
Care Instruction
● Laundry: Not allowed
■ Do not wash.  
■ Avoid strong rubbing and water wetting, which may cause discoloration and scratches.  
■ When removing dirt, wipe off the cloth with a diluted neutral detergent.  Do not use benzene or thinner.  
■ Please avoid combination with light color because there is a possibility of color transfer due to dark color.  
■ Please be careful when using this product as it may cause damage if a strong impact or excessive load is applied to the product.