Gradient Pen Blue

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A gradation coloured pen with copper clip for notebook and clipboard.

Size: W9 × D9 × H139mm

Material: Pen axis: stainless steel, pen parts: brass

care instructions

Each product the colors and sizes may vary slightly because of handmade. Please avoid using in places exposed to direct sunlight and lights for a long time. It may be discolored. If you use it in a hot and humid environment or in a dry place, the adhesive may peel off and rust may occur on the metal part. Dark parts may be discolored or transferred by friction. In particular, do not put anything wet or rub with something wet. Do not use solvents (such as thinner and benzine). May cause discoloration or deformation. Synthetic leather parts may deteriorate due to long-term use, stickiness or sticking may occur. Please do not use it except the purpose.