ICE CANDY Sponge Slim Rainbow

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The design of this ice candy kitchen sponge comes from the idea of ​​rainbow. It pop color shinning in the kitchen makes you enjoyable at dishwashing time. Obviously, it's convenient to wash slim tumbler and bottles etc. a small pleasant gift for your family and friends.
Size: W65 × D32 × H245mm
Material: Polyurethane, beach wood
Care Instruction
■ Do not apply strong force when washing or bend the stick in an unreasonable direction.  
■ Detergents other than kitchen detergent and bleach cannot be used.  
■ Do not use in fire or high temperature.  
■ When washing pans and pans, let them cool before use.  
■ Do not use in hot water above 70 ºC.  
■ Due to the material, there is a risk of discoloration over time.  
■ Country of origin: China