KARUKA Table Cloth Blue

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A beautiful paisley pattern tablecloth in light blue. Try to add some elegance to every meal with this decent fabric.
Size: W2000 × D1300mm
Material: cotton 100%
Care Instruction
■ Laundry: Allowed (hand washing course)
■ Discoloration may occur when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.  
■ Color may fade slightly due to friction or hand washing, or other colors may transfer.  Pay particular attention to friction when wet.  
■ Since it may shrink or change its appearance, wash it by yourself when washing your hands.  
■ Dry cleaning is not Allowed.  
■ Please do not leave wet.  
■ Please use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent brightener.  
■ Do not tumble dry, please shape and dry in the shade.  
■ Please iron from behind.  
■ Some variation in the density and color of the printed part.  
■ Prints may become thinner or peel off due to friction or repeated washing with water.