Kaste Rug M Silver

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Combining fine yarns with fluffy think lines, we created this fashionable and soft touch floor mat. You can easily see the shadow effect on the surface because we have used mixed thread technique for finishing. It gives a premium and prestige feeling.
Size: W2000 × D1400 × H40mm
Material: Outer fabric: 100% polyester (uses slit thread)
Lining: 70% cotton, 30% polyester
Care Instruction
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, washing and dry cleaning processes are not Allowed.  If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth.  
■ Medium latex may deteriorate depending on usage and storage conditions.  Please avoid using in hot and humid conditions.  
■ Smell may occur immediately after use, but it becomes thinner as you use it.  If you are worried about the smell, please improve the ventilation.  
■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may change color when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.  
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, it may lose color or transfer to other colors.  
■ Fluff may occur due to friction during use.  Do not pull the pile.  
■ Since it uses sweet twisted yarn, it may be untwisted by use.  Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with strong power as it may cause the thread to be pulled out.  
■ Can be used with floor heating and hot carpet.