KURVE Lunch Mat Light Blue

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Embellished with splendid embroidery, this feminine and chic lunch mat goes well with any type of dish wares.
Size: W480 × D340mm
Material: Body: PVC, polyester, embroidery: 100% polyester
Care Instruction
■ Laundry: Not allowed
■ Please be careful when using in combination with the following products.  It may cause stickiness or sticking.  
If you already have stickiness when using furniture with oil paint, lacquer paint (varnish paint), urethane paint, or vinyl chloride paint, use a sponge with a neutral detergent for kitchen. Please remove the stickiness.  Avoid using the product if it is sticky, as it may stick to the contact surface.  
■ Check regularly without leaving it on the table for a long time.  
■ Do not use near fire.  
■ Do not place extremely hot items.