Liths Candle Holder Single

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A shiny candle holder decorated with bijoux. A gorgeous item for dining table.
Size: W110 × D110 × H260mm
Material: Aluminum, glass, nickel coating
Care Instruction
■ As each item is handmade one by one, there are variations in color, size and shape.  
■ Do not use near flammable materials or in places where it can easily fall over.  
■ Do not leave or move while you are burning.  
■ Be careful not to touch the body during combustion and immediately after extinguishing the fire, as the main unit is hot.  
■ Before going to bed before going out, be sure to put out the fire and make sure that the candle is completely extinguished.  
■ When carrying, be sure to use it in a stable place with a foundation.  
■ Be careful of unexpected falls caused by earthquakes and winds.  
■ Do not use in locations with children or pets.  
■ We recommend using a taper candle with a diameter of about 2cm.  If you do not enter, please scrape the candle.  If the candle is small, wind it with aluminum foil and fix it.  
■ Highly decorative and delicate product.  Please handle with care.  
■ The glass part may break due to impact.