Long Cushion filling

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A polyester filled long cushion. The filling holds its shape and gives your body soft support. Relax yourself with this comfortable cushion.
Size: W1000 × D450mm
Material: Side fabric: 100% polyester, stuffing: 100% polyester
Care Instruction
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, there are some variations in size and color.  
■ It may be deformed by use or washing.  
■ Do not use a washing machine, please use a detergent with neutral detergent.  Dehydrate for a short time (about 1 minute), adjust the shape and dry in the shade.  Please avoid tumble drying.  Please dry thoroughly after washing.  
■ Do not leave it wet for a long time as it may cause odors and mold.  
■ Be sure to use a cover and avoid using it for any other purpose.