LOUNIE Mat Dark Pink

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A mat with ornamental design and uneven sewing pattern. Easy to match with various furniture scene. Suitable for bedroom, home entrance or bedside.
Size: W730 × D410mm
Material: Front side: 100% polyester, back side: 60% polyester, 30% cotton, 8% rayon, 2% polyurethane
Care Instruction
● Laundry: Not allowed
● Floor Heating: Applicable
■ Due to friction, dark products may lose color or transfer.  Pay particular attention to friction when wet.  
■ Cannot be washed with water or dry-cleaned.  
■ Remove dirt with a cloth soaked in diluted neutral detergent.  
■ Friction causes fluff, fluff loss, and fluff.  
■ We recommend the use of anti-slip seals depending on the floor condition.  
■ The color of the back of the product may transfer to the floor.  Check regularly when using on a light-colored floor.