Imabari Wind Organic Face Towel grey

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Francfranc's premium Face Towel 25x25cm, the Imabari Wind organic collection. Using a fair trade certified 100% organic cotton, our imabari collection respect the environment. Not only the raw material but also through the manufacturing process. Our production plant uses green electricity generated by wind turbines in the city of Imabari, south Japan. Named after a natural source of power, the Wind Imabari organic collection.

Imabari, quality label
Imabari is a city in south of Japan, famous for its weavers expertise and its high quality spring waters from Mount Takanawa. The result is a towel that lasts, absorbs with an uninque hand-feel, characteristic of an Imabari towel.

• Colour: Silver grey
• Dimension: W25 × L25 cm
• Material: 100% organic cotton
• Quality: twisted-yarn, for a towel that lasts

Care Instruction

• Follow the care label for washing instructions
• Washing machine: allowed
• Wash separately the first time, we use free azo-dye coloration for the colour to guaranty the organic level of the towel, therefore, do not mix with other colours on the first wash
• Wash before use.
• Tumbler dry: allowed at low temperature to preserve the softness of the towel