Shigaraki rice shape Bowl Kobiki

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The Shigaraki Kobiki white rice-shaped bowl. Timeless hand-made tableware crafted on the Lake Biwa shores near Kyoto, Japan.
Each piece expresses his uniqueness through colour, glazing and texture variations.
Crafted in Shiga, a place with more than 1250 years of pottery heritage, the Shigaraki collection is simple yet a luxury tableware range.
During the Kamakura period (1185–1333), daily dishes were made in Shiga. Then the craft became more sophisticated during the Muromachi and Azuchi Momoyama periods (respectively 1336 – 1573 and 1568 – 1600) where pottery items were crafted for traditional tea ceremony.
Enjoy a memory of Japan right in your home.


• Dimension: ⌀ 128 x H68 mm
• Material: stoneware pottery

care instructions

• Microwave: allowed
• Dishwasher: allowed
• Oven: not allowed
• We recommend you to rinse your new items with hot water and dry it well on first use