NOVEL Big Cheese Cutting Board

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A perfect large sized cheese cutting board for your next home party. Great for presenting finger food like cheese or nachos with style for your dining table.
Size: W210 × D602 × H15mm
Material: Soybean oil paint, acacia wood
Care Instruction
■ It is a product with oil finish on natural wood.  The color and texture may vary.  
■ Foods with dark colors or strong odors may transfer or smell.  Wash immediately after use, wipe off moisture and let it air dry.  Please avoid using scourers or cleansers
.  ■ Color transfer and odor transfer fade out little by little as washing is repeated.  
■ Do not touch food or leave it dirty for a long time.  Since it is easy to absorb moisture, please avoid soaking.  
■ Do not use or store near fire, in direct sunlight, or in hot and humid places.  It may cause warping, cracking or mold.  
■ Please note that touching highly acidic items such as vinegar and lemon may cause deterioration and loss of luster.  
■ Some distortion and warping may occur due to the characteristics of wood.  Please note.
■ To maintain waterproofness, apply vegetable oil on a regular basis.  
■ Country of origin: Thailand