PERLE Plate Heart

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A delicate heart shaped plate made of natural pearl oyster shell. Each plate is handmade by craftsmen. The lovely design and small size makes it perfect for holding candy, fruit or even accessories.
Size: W123 × D110 × H10mm
Material: Mother of pearl
Care Instruction
■ Microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, heat-resistant and cool: Not usable
■ This product has polished natural shells to give it a gloss.  Color, shape, thickness, etc. are different one by one.  
■ Please use it with your hand because it is easy to tilt.  
■ Because it is not resin-coated, foods with a strong color or strong odor may transfer or smell.  
■ Touching strongly acidic items such as vinegar and lemon juice will cause discoloration and loss of luster, so wash them immediately after use and wipe them off with a cloth.  
■ Because it is a natural material, it may change color during storage or when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.  
■ Do not use scrubbing brushes, cleansers, abrasives, or bleach.  
■ Country of origin: Myanmar