PLAGE Folding Umbrella

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A refined lady's umbrella with UV protection. The solid & stripes design suits any age and occasion.
Size: W90 × D50 × H250mm Length of main bone: 500mm
Material: Fabric: 100% polyester, bone: aluminum, handle: synthetic leather
Care Instruction
■ The product has sharp parts.  Always check the safety of your surroundings and keep your umbrella away from your face and body when opening and closing.  
■ When opening the umbrella, please loosen the fabric sufficiently and open it slowly.  
■ Do not use with your hand, bone or umbrella tip broken.  
■ Do not use, swing or throw the stick instead.  
■ Do not use in strong winds as they may be damaged.  
■ Umbrella fabrics may lose color, so keep dry and avoid contact with other materials.  Please dry thoroughly after use.  
■ Rain may soak in heavy rain or long-term use.  In addition, please be aware that the decorative processed part may be difficult to completely waterproof and water repellent due to the design characteristics, and it is easy to stain rain.  
■ Waterproof and water-repellent power of umbrella fabric is inevitable to decrease in proportion to the frequency of use.  We recommend that you use a commercially available waterproof spray for long-term use.