PLUIE Plastic Umbrella grey

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Umbrella for unisex. The spacious canopy provides extra coverage. Automatic design that can be opened with a touch of button.
Size: Total length: approx. 900mm (master bone length: 650mm) Hand length: approx. 16cm, protrusive length: approx. 8cm, (flat type)
Material: Fabric: POE, Handle: Rubber, Bone: Fiberglass
Care Instruction
■ Umbrella
■ Jump type
■ The product has a sharp part.  Always check the safety around you.  
■ Do not use a stick instead.  
■ Do not use with your hand or bone tip broken.  
■ Do not touch the structure of the umbrella bone.  
■ Do not use while riding a bicycle.  
■ This product uses glass fiber for the main bone to improve the strength, but please note that it may be damaged during heavy rain and wind.  
■ Do not touch the broken or raised bone with your bare hands as the tip of the glass fiber may be exposed from the surface.  If the fiberglass touches your skin and the pain persists, seek medical attention.  
■ When the fabric is wet, the fabric may entangle with the bone and break.  Loosen the dough sufficiently before opening the umbrella.