Priya Gradation rug M Grey

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A handloom rug from India which applies the most traditional weaving skill. Crafted to suit the taste who enjoys a splendor lifestyle. Made of viscose, the silk-like texture gives you an absolute soft and smoothy touch. It glows under light giving a shinny reflection and presents a sumptuous atmosphere in your dwelling. Designed to have long fiber, giving a higher density and heavy feeling. This series comes with 2 sizes and four color (navy, beige, blue and grey gradation) and is easy to match with any scene of your room.

* Staircase Fee Applies, $80/pc/floor


Size: W2000 x D1400mm

Pile: 100% rayon

Lining: 100% cotton

care instructions

Because of its handmade nature, the color pattern and size may be slightly different.

Due to the nature of the product, laundry and dry cleaning processing can not be done. If it gets dirty, wipe it off gently with a firmly squeezed cloth etc. Due to the nature of the material, it may discolor if it is illuminated with direct sunlight or light for a long time. Moreover, it may fade or transfer color to other objects.

This product uses synthetic latex as an adhesive. Please be aware of rubber allergy.

If you are concerned about the smell of latex, please use it in a place with better ventilation. It will become thinner as you use it.

Friction during use may cause fluff, fluff missing, pilling balls.

Color of the the product back may move to the floor or the latex may ooze out and move to the floor. Flip the mat to swap air regularly and check color transfer and stickiness of the floor etc. Please pay attention to color transfer especially when using with a light color floor cushion.

Please do not pull the pile. Please avoid threads being pulled out with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Made in India