Prunus Room Shoes Ivory

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A pair of home slippers with lovely chiffon floral decoration. The smooth microfiber fabric and breathable open-toe design makes it perfect for summer. Antibacterial and deodorant. Can stay clean for a long period. It will definitely be an elegant addition to your home oufit.

Size: W126 × D230 × H90mm Inside dimension:M(25cm)

Material: Polyester, nylon, urethane foam

care instructions

Cannot wash. Discoloring may occur if exposed to direct sunlight or lights for a long time. Fuzzing, fuzzing and missing piles may occur. Friction may cause color fade or color transfer. This product can not be washed as it may lose its shape. If it gets dirty, wipe it off gently with a squeezed cloth. Please do not apply strong force to the decoration part or pull it. Please note that use in a wet or slippery place may cause a fall.