PVC Logo Pouch Shell Medium

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A stylish boat shaped pouch with large volume. Perfect for everyday use and traveling. The special coloring also makes it a trendy addition to your outfits.
Size: W210 × D85 × H140mm
Material: Body: PET, Puller: PU
Care Instruction
■ Do not use near fire or in high temperatures.  
■ Please note that it may change color when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.  
■ Because it is made of vinyl chloride resin (PVC), color transfer, sticking, and stickiness may occur.  
■ Do not put excessively heavy or sharp objects or wet objects.  
■ The print part may lose color due to friction.  
■ Do not pull the handle strongly, do not pack too much, or put heavy objects.  
■ Do not swing around.