Pyuryo Seat Cushion Orange

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Urethan foam seat cushion provides amazing comfort. You can easily vary the look because two sides have different designs. The cushion cover features different designs on two sides. The floral printed side is sharp and elegant, while the plain side is easy to mix and match.

Size: W400 × D400 × H40mm

Material: Polyester, polyurethane

care instructions

Cannot wash. If dirty, wipe it lightly with a squeezed cloth. If wet, please dry well. In order to prevent moisture, please shade regularly in a well-ventilated place. Due to the characteristics of the product, there are some variations in size, color pattern, and shape. Also, please note that the printed part may differ in dark or tint, but as the product characteristics. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time. Also, dark areas may be discolored or discolored. In particular, please pay attention to the friction in the wet state. Due to the characteristics of dyeing, the front side fabric may change its color due to close contact with white spots for a long time. Please avoid long-term storage in high temperature and humidity. Friction during use may cause fuzzing, fuzzing, or pilling. Since the medium urethane foam is flammable, please do not get close to the fire side or high temperature. You may also find it softer at higher temperatures and harder at lower temperatures. In the urethane foam manufacturing process, lumps may be formed but this is not a defect. Do not screw or bend with strong force.