RARO Bowl Large

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A gorgeous bowl made of rubber wood. The smooth texture and wood grain in light color give a warm and comfy feeling to you and your family.
Size: W235 × D235 × H90mm
Material: Rubber wood
Care Instruction
■ Although it is a varnish finish, it is not completely waterproof, so do not leave food in it for a long time or leave it dirty.  ■ Avoid using liquid.  ■ After use, wash quickly with lukewarm water, wipe off moisture and let it air dry.  ■ Please avoid soaking as it may cause adhesion to peel off, deformation or damage.  ■ Do not use near fire.  ■ A microwave oven and oven cannot be used.  ■ Do not store in a hot and humid place.  It may cause warping, cracking or mold.  
■ Country of origin: Thailand