Rina Rug M Ivory

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A very soft and smooth rug made of microfibre. Gray is the best for hiding dirt.
Size: W2000 × D1400mm
Material: Pile: 100% polyester
Lining: 50% polyester, 40% cotton, 10% rayon
Care Instruction
■ Laundry: Not allowed
■ Dry cleaning: Not allowed
■ Floor heating, hot carpet: Can be used together
■ If dirty, please wipe lightly with a cloth that has been tightly wrung out.  
■ Medium latex may deteriorate depending on usage and storage conditions.  
■ Do not use or store in hot and humid conditions.  
■ If you are worried about the smell of latex, please provide good ventilation.  It gets thinner as you use it.  
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, color may fade or other colors may transfer.  
■ Friction during use may cause fluffing, fluff loss and fluff.  
■ Because the color of the back of the product may move to the floor or latex may ooze out, it may move to the floor.
Replace air regularly and check for color transfer and floor stickiness.  Pay special attention to color transfer when using light floor cushions.  
■ Do not pull the pile.  Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with strong power as it may cause the thread to be pulled out.