Scarf Line Basket Bag Large Gray

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A simple tote bag with basket texture. Easy to match with casual or elegant fashion style. Wonderful for bring a refreshing feeling to your outfits. It can hold A4 files properly. Also a perfect bag for work.

Size: W340 x D 80 x H 350 mm (not including the handle)

Material: Polyester

care instructions

Each product will has a variation in size and texture because of handmade. Do not put too heavy item inside. Depending on the usage conditions, fraying may occur. It may lose color due to friction, please be careful with sweat, rain and water. As rust may occur on metal parts, do not leave it as it is when it gets wet, and store it after drying. Please do not put something wet. Synthetic leather parts may deteriorate over the years due to the characteristics of the material.