Sharlotte Dispenser Pink

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A lovely charlotte cake shaped dispenser. Cover can be opened for easy refill. The concave bottom can help to reduce waste.

Size: W85 × D85 × H230mm Volume: 515ml

Material: Body: AS resin, pump: ABS resin (chrome plating)

care instructions

Please do not put it by the fire. Please read and follow the precautions on using shampoo, conditioner and soap. In addition, medicinal soap may discolor rarely. If you use a low viscosity, please note that it may leak. Do not add boiling water, other solvents (alcohols, thinners, benzine, etc.) or kitchen detergents. It may crack and discolor. In particular, please note that it may be deformed or discolored if it comes in contact with citrus oil. Depending on the conditions of use, patina may adhere to the pump part. Please have a base when carrying it.