Sharlotte Foam Dispenser Pink

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A lovely charlotte cake shaped foaming dispenser made of durable plastic.

Size: W108 × D108 × H140mm Volume: 350ml

Material: Body: PET resin, pump: ABS resin (chrome plating)

care instructions

We recommend using a commercially available foam soap. If using a non-foam soap, dilute with water 5 to 7 times. Please try a small amount, as it may not foam if it is too thin. As diluted liquid soap may cause the occurrence of mold, please use as a guide the amount that can be used in about two weeks. The one with viscosity causes the breakdown of the product. Some medicinal soaps and detergents may change color rarely. Do not put in hot water, alcohol, thinner, strong acid or alkali, bleach, detergent for mold removal, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, etc. It may cause damage to the container. When replacing the soap, rinse completely with no bubbles from the nozzle. Please bring the main unit when carrying it. Please do not use cleansers and scrubs when cleaning. Due to the characteristics of the material, the pump portion may generate patina with use.