SHARLOTTE Foam Dispenser Pink

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A lovely charlotte cake shaped foaming dispenser made of durable plastic.
Size: W108 × D108 × H140mm Capacity: Approximately 350ml
Material: Body: PET resin, Pump: ABS resin (chrome plating)
Care Instruction
■ It is hand washing soap "foam exclusive pump".  It is recommended to use a commercially available foam-only refill soap.  
■ When using soap that is not exclusively for foam, dilute it 5 to 7 times with water.  If it is too thin, it may not foam.  
■ Thin liquid soap may cause mold, so please use it as a guide when it can be used in about 2 weeks.  
■ Viscosity may cause product failure.  
■ Depending on the medicated soap and detergent, the color may rarely change.  
■ Do not put hot water, alcohols, thinners, strong acids and alkalis, bleach, mildew-removing detergents, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, etc.  It may cause damage to the container.  
■ When replacing soap, rinse until no bubbles are completely released from the nozzle.  
■ Please bring the main body when carrying.  
■ Do not use cleanser or scrubbing when cleaning.  
■ Due to the characteristics of the material, patina may appear in the pump part with use.