SKUM Foam Dispenser grey

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A simple yet stylish foam dispenser. The matt brushed surface makes it suitable for all bathrooms. The pump is large and easy to press, also comes with anti-fingerprint coating.
Size: W78 × D108 × H185mm Capacity: 410ml
Material: ABS resin, PET resin, polyethylene
Care Instruction
■ This product is a hand soap (foam type) pump.  
■ It is recommended to use commercially available soap for refilling.  
■ Do not use in the bathroom.  
■ When using liquid hand soap (other than foam only), dilute it 5 to 7 times with water.  However, diluted liquid soap may cause mold or change in quality over time, so use it as a guide so that it can be used in about two weeks.  
■ Please note that it may rarely change color depending on medicated soaps and detergents.