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It is a foam dispenser with an organic design inspired by a medicine bottle.
Produce a natural and stylish impression of the bathroom.
The bottom has a conical shape and can be used without waste until the last drop.
Size: W75 × D75 × H16mm
Material: Body: AS resin, Pump: ABS resin
Care Instruction
■ Do not place near fire.  
■ Please read the usage precautions before using soap.  
■ Medicinal soaps may rarely change color.  
■ Do not put other solvents (alcohols, thinners, benzene, etc. ) in the case of using kitchen detergent or soap with low clay, as it may leak.  
■ There is a risk of cracking and discoloration.  In particular, please note that touching oil of citrus origin may cause deformation and discoloration.  
■ Please bring a foundation when carrying.