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A fashionable tumbler inspired by a medicine bottle.
Produce a stylish bathroom.
Size: W80 × D80 × H90mm
Material: Body: AS resin
Care Instruction
■ Do not place near fire.  
■ Use of microwave oven, oven, freezer, dishwasher is prohibited.  
■ Can not be boiled.  Do not use hot water or solvent.  
■ Chipping or cracking occurs when a strong impact is applied.  
■ Fine scratches may occur due to use, and cracking or discoloration may occur when exposed to cooking oil, citrus fruits, etc. for a long time.  
■ When cleaning, attach a neutral detergent to a sponge or soft cloth and wash with warm water.  
■ Do not use as it will be scratched by scrubbing or polishing powder.