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SOPHISTINCE is the fragrance diffuser dedicated to grown-ups. The fresh scent with a hint of acent taste inside, making you fall in love with this relaxing fragrance. SOPHISTINCE is especially popular among experienced room fragrance users and suitable for gifts in various occasions, wedding, housewarming and etc. One bottle of fragrance oil (280ml) could maintain 3-5 months. The simple design of the bottle and white diffuser stick which looks like natural tree branches could match homes with various styles .
Size: W75 × D75 × H310mm Capacity: 280ml
Material: Synthetic fragrance, ethanol, solvent, glass, label
Care Instruction
■ Duration of fragrance: About 3 to 5 months
* Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.  
■ Alcohol concentration: 85%, flash point: 13 ºC or higher
■ Branch type stick.  
■ Country of origin: Japan