TEA Bottle 1.1L Light grey

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Inspired from wine bottle, this aesthetic slim water bottle offers beautiful simplicity that matches any type of table setting. Designed to fit perfectly in the fridge shelves, its capacity is ideal for brewing tea or coffee. Removable head is easy to wash and clean.
Size: W80 × D80 × H310mm Capacity: 1100ml
Material: Body: Polycarbonate, Lid: ABS resin (rubber coating), Strainer with lid: Polypropylene / Cap / Packing: Silicone rubber
Care Instruction
■ Do not use in a freezer.  
■ Heat and cold: Main unit only 100 ºC / -20 ºC
■ Microwave oven, oven, dishwasher: Not allowed
■ Do not place near a fire or in a hot place exposed to direct sunlight Please.  
■ Do not use if you have found small scratches or cracks.  
■ Do not add alcohol, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks or soups.  
■ Do not use as a storage container.  
■ Country of origin: Korea