Vale Face Towel 3P Set Star Beige

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A soft face towel set of 3 (Beige). Basic design and subtle colour that suits everyone.

Size: W 800 x D 340 mm

Material: 100% cotton

care instructions

Washable. Discoloration may occur if exposed to direct sunlight or lights for a long time. Due to the characteristics of the material fuzzing and missing piles may occur. If the color is dark, you may feel a strong fuzz especially. Avoid using a softener for the first few washings. Decoloring or color transfer may occur due to rubbing or washing. Scraping net Do not use for a long time in wet condition. Shrink slightly due to washing. Avoid using bleach. Avoid using dryer. Avoid using dryer. Characteristics Please do not pull or hook the thread as it may pop out.