Waffle Weave Hair Band Navy

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A simple hair band with a pucker texture. It keeps you cool in summer while moisture in winter. Perfect for all year round. The satin rim also adds a touch of elegance to it. Will make a great combination of gift with bath robe in the same series.

Size: W230 × H100mm

Material: Body: 100% cotton, piping part: 100% polyester

care instructions

It may be discolored if exposed to direct sunlight or lights for a long time. Due to the characteristics, it may cause fuzz, fuzz, and pile loss. Avoid using softeners for the first few washings. Discoloration and color transfer may occur due to friction and washing. Please use the scraping net and the washing net together and wash separately with weak water. Do not leave it wet for a long time. When bleaching, avoid chlorine bleach and use liquid oxygen bleach. Because of the shrinkable material, please immediately take shape and shade after washing, and avoid using tumblers. Due to the nature of the thread, it will pop out, so please do not pull or hook it.